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Post a Question or Problem
Post a Question or Problem

Need some quick advice? Post a question to our community. Choose from three question types.

Invite Professionals to Answer
Invite Professionals to Answer

Invite friends and colleagues to answer your questions individually or build teams. You can also ask our trusted community.

Donate to great answers. <br>Earn from giving great advice.
Donate to great answers.
Earn from giving great advice.

Donate to individuals who offer their advice and earn money from offering your own.

Get a unique perspective

from outside your network.

Our mission is simple, to change the way we collaborate. By connecting minds across different industries we're increasing the likeliness of ideas colliding to form something remarkable. So no matter where you are, you can get access to professional advice and a second opinion. We want to evolve the way we make business transactions. Instead of paying for time in hours, days or per project you donate to the best advice.

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Decide what it’s worth. Donate to the best answers and earn money for offering advice.

Constructive feedback can be very valuable when you're launching a business. Validate has a unique pay-per-comment feature. This allows users to donate money to other users who take the time to offer advice. It’s a two way street, so if you give a great response you’ll likely get a reward in return.

You might be a business, freelancer, or just a regular Joe. We’re your second opinion.

It can be hard to scale a business or make the right decision on your own. With the scary big unknown you need good advice and often at a moments notice. We’re growing Validate into a community of industry professionals who can offer just that. Share your questions and problems with your friends and colleagues by creating teams, OR use our community and benefit from a range of solutions and perspectives from outside of your network.

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Get analytics on each answer. See who’s onboard vs who’s not.

Instantly view the results of your questions and make sense of feedback. Validate automatically calculates the answers on posts whether it's a YES/NO, multiple choice or open answer. With a glance you'll understand the opinions of all those who answered your call!

Fed up of endless email threads? Consolidate all your questions here.

When we want feedback we usually ping an email around the office. The problem with emails and threads is that they just keep piling up and you can easily lose track of comments. With Validate you can create specific questions and track the responses. Choose the type of question and simply invite colleagues to answer. Validate will calculate the verdict as you go, to save you valuable time, consolidating everything in one place.

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Alone we can do so little.
Together we can do so much.

Create your dream team. Invite friends and colleagues to answer your questions and help solve your business problems.

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Some of our coolest features.

As we grow we want to supercharge Validate with useful features, but just to kick things off here are the key working parts.

Quick feedback on ideas
Quick feedback on ideas

Use our tool to post questions and get instant feedback on your ideas.


Our platform is secure so anything you post here, stays here. Your ideas are confidential within our community. It's what each user agrees to when signing up.

Access to network
Access to network

Get access to Validate's network of remote workers and co-working spaces.

Create teams and invite friends to answer
Create teams and invite friends to answer

Winning ideas comes down to team work. You can create your own teams with friends or invite colleagues.

Earn money and donate
Earn money and donate

Every comment you could earn you money. When you post we encourage you to donate to the best answers.

Works on all devices
Works on all devices

Mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop. We adapt to your device. So as long as you have internet, you can use our platform.

What Our Users Are Saying

Hello there! If you're enjoying our product it would mean a lot to us if you could spare a few minutes to send us a review, whether good or bad. We'd love to hear from you so we can improve our services.

Paying for comments is an interesting concept.

I work as product manager and having this tool has been a big help to get some early feedback. It's in the early stages, but it has a lot of potential.

Matt Roberts - @mr_boxer96

Nice idea for film crews.

It's really handy to be able to add my film contacts to a team and click a button to see who's available for a shoot.

Elio Cesaro - @EC_p92

Great to involve friends in my ideas.

I can really see the value this will have, especially for my co-working colleagues. It's also good to be able to finally reward my mates for all their advice.

M.Scanlon - @ms_UK

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    Questions? Have a rummage here.

    We've listed a few common FAQs below. If you can't find an answer then please feel free to send us and email.

    Yup, free as a bird and always will be. We want to encourage collaboration. We only charge businesses who want to incorporate Validate into their internal ecosystem. We will also be offering a pro subscription, which will offer certain benefits that free members won't have access to.

    Yes, completely secure. When each user signs up they agree to our terms and conditions of use, which is similar to a 'Non Disclosure Agreement'. This states that ideas which are shared on this platform belong to the post publisher; they are not to be shared or discussed outside of this community unless you get prior permission from the owner. This is to protect your ideas and to help make it a safe place to discuss your thoughts and get feedback.

    Yes! In our future update we will allow users to embed videos in their posts. We feel that it's an important feature for those who are content creators and want advice.

    At the moment no, but we will be implementing variable pricing in future updates, to give you more flexibility.

    We only ask you for payment information when you're happy with the advice and want to give someone a donation. Our unique system allows users to pay-per-comment, so you can see who's spent the time to give you feedback and chose to donate to them. It's not mandatory but we encourage it as it's a two way street. If you don't have a Stripe account we'll ask you to set one up, but don't worry this is super quick and easy. You then simply decide how much you want to donate and click "send". The user who commented on your post will then receive a link to the payment. Easy peasy!

    To close your account you need to login. Once logged in you go to your 'My Accounts' page in the left hand menu. In there you'll see the option to close your account. Once closed all your data will be archived for up to two weeks. After that it will be deleted permanently.

    Yes, we don't give your data to any third party companies so we keep it safely.