Harness the power of your co-working space. Connect your community and empower members.

Increase the value of your coworking community by providing tools for individual members and your admin team to get feedback on projects and turn advice into profits, with our pay-per-comment system.

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Rise above your competition

Understand the value of your co-workers and bring your community together. Validate gives members access to all the talent in their vicinity, allowing them to expand their services and work as part of a much larger remote-team.

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Connect your members and their skills.

Often members aren't aware of the skills and talent sitting next to them. We want to encourage collaboration and improve the co-working environment so that members can work as a unit. Members can then build teams and post questions. They will be encouraged to donate to the best answers. Our focus is to connect members so they can extend their services and benefit from their surroundings.

Get a clearer picture. Understand your coworkers by making feedback accessible.

Validate is designed for making feedback accessible. This doesn’t stop with the members. We hope that co-working spaces will use Validate as a way to reach out to members and get their opinions on how to improve the space. We want co-working spaces to learn from their members and pose questions to the community.

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    Super Simple Pricing

    We want to provide you with as much bang for your buck, so we've based our pricing on the size of your space. We want to be affordable to all, including those who are starting out their journey managing a space.


    Or £8.99 with an open platform.
    • 1-50 coworkers
    • 1 admin account
    • Technical support
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    Or £14.99 with an open platform.
    • 50-100 coworkers
    • 1-3 admin accounts
    • Analytics and reporting
    • Technical support
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    Or £24.99 with an open platform.
    • 100-250 coworkers
    • 1-5 admin accounts
    • Analytics and reporting
    • Technical support
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    Please note prices may vary from location to location due to local taxation laws and conversion rates from GBP. In addition there *might* be a small setup fee for implementing and customising the platform, depending on your system.

    Getting started is a piece of cake

    To get your co-working space setup on our platform we simply need to arrange a call. We'll then walk you through our quick process and get you setup.

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    Questions? Have a rummage.

    If we've missed something please feel free to ping us an email. Ask us anything!

    Absolutely! Yes, we will offer a free trial to all businesses who are interested in trying Validate. We'd love to have you onboard! We hope a one month trial will be enough. Since it's an open platform, we won't remove users at the end of your trial, in case you decide it's not for you. We will remove your business and any data associated with it, from the database, however users will still be able to log-in to the Validate platform like normal. They simply won't have the privilege to collaborate with other co-workers. If there are special circumstances, we can certainly be flexible.

    We should be able to integrate Validate into most systems. We'll have a chat with you to understand the best approach for you and your members.

    Validate gives admin and members an opportunity to post their ideas and problems fro the community to help solve. Users are incentivised by earning donations for good responses. This allow co-workers to support other co-workers with their services. It's also a great tool for co-working spaces to gather feedback from their members as they can out all their questions in one place. For more information please get in touch with us.

    Yes we're here to support you whenever you need it. You can contact us via email or give us a ring.